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Testogel (testosterone) is a topically applied hormone replacement therapy for men with abnormally low levels of testosterone.

Testosterone is vital for the healthy growth and maintenance of the male reproductive system and masculine characteristics, such as a muscular build and a deep voice.

Low Testosterone has a Big Impact:

Testosterone levels vary naturally through a man's life, peaking at puberty and slowly declining with age. When levels of the hormone drop to an extremely low level, symptoms cause both physical and mental suffering:
  • Body and facial hair loss
  • Higher pitched voice
  • Increased risk of bone fractures or breaks
  • Loss of lean muscle
  • Decreased height
  • Diminished sex drive
  • Inability to achieve or maintain a firm erection
  • Decreased strength or endurance
  • Fatigue, low energy or excess sleeping
  • Mood swings, apathy or depression
Men buy Testogel to reverse the effects of low testosterone levels. A large percentage of men notice an improvement after just a few days of use, though it may take several months for the body to fully adjust to treatment.

Instructions for Use:

Testogel comes in single-dose sachets filled with a gel, which is rubbed on the skin once a day. To avoid potentially serious adverse reactions, it's important to use this product carefully. When applying Testogel, do:
  • Rub the gel onto clean, dry skin on the shoulders, upper arms, or abdomen.
  • Wash hands immediately after application.
  • Let the gel dry for several minutes before covering with clothing.
  • Wait 2 to 5 hours before showering or swimming to ensure the medication has time to be absorbed.
  • Dispose of empty sachets carefully, out of reach of children and pets.
  • Thoroughly wash Testogel off with soap and water before coming into skin contact with another person.
  • Remember to buy Testogel refills before using the last sachet.
Equally important when applying this product, don't:
  • Smoke or go near open flames; this product is flammable.
  • Apply the gel to any other part of the body, including the penis or scrotum.
  • Allow uncovered medicated skin to contact furniture, bedding, or other surfaces.
  • Allow skin contact with another person until the medication is washed off.
  • Take a double dose if one is missed, or use more than 10 mg (2 sachets) of Testogel at a time.
Men should not buy Testogel or any other testosterone replacement therapy unless the condition has been diagnosed by a physician. Very high levels of the hormone can be just as detrimental as low levels.

Important Precautions:

Men who intend to buy Testogel need to be aware of the very serious consequences that may result from women or children coming into contact with it. Residue on skin, fabrics, open sachets, or any other surface may be absorbed by other members of the household.

Effects range from early puberty, aggressive behavior, reproductive system defects and a myriad of other problems.

If contact does occur, wash the area immediately with soap and water.

When Not to Buy Testogel:

Men with certain pre-existing health conditions are at greater risk of serious adverse effects and should not buy Testogel without first discussing risks with a doctor:
  • Sleep apnea
  • Prostate or breast cancer
  • High risk of developing prostate cancer
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Liver, kidney, lung or heart disease
  • Diabetes
Women, especially who are pregnant or nursing, should not buy Testogel -- it is known to be harmful to unborn or nursing babies.

Testogel is known to interact with other drugs, including non-prescription medications. A doctor or pharmacist can explain risks, and suggest alternative treatments if necessary.

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